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This is the start page of the Fox from Switzerland, a blog about mainly computer related bits and pieces.

I am an avid supporter of F/LOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) and use Linux exclusively at home, and about 80% of the time at work. My interests include computing – both hardware and software, electronics, old British sports cars, amateur radio, hiking, travel, music, dogs, archaeology, and history.

As I often forget what I did to solve a problem, I decided to make notes in a blog format about what I do. A few other people have also found these notes useful and I thank those who have provided feedback. There is an RSS feed of both content and comments on Feebdurner.


Click on the Blog entry of the main menu to get to the blog posts.

I have web pages at www.mjfox.ch and www.badwolf.ch

as well as a professional site at www.foxcon.ch

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